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Preparation for Learning and Teaching

Preparation for Learning and Teaching at Oxford is a short introduction to teaching within a single discipline, organised and delivered by faculties. The faculty may call their PLTO session 'tutorial teaching day', 'introduction to teaching' or similar.

Faculty practice varies considerably as each discipline differs in teaching approaches.

In general, PLTO is:

  • Available to novice teachers only, usually graduate students and research staff with no teaching experience at all.
  • The minimum training requirement for being allowed to teach for a faculty and/or for inclusion on a faculty graduate teaching register.
  • A prerequisite for beginning Developing Learning and Teaching, a longer programme that is accredited by the Higher Education Academy at Associate level.

A PLTO session might include:

  • A discussion of the tutorial system or small-group teaching
  • Talks from experienced teachers such as an academic or a senior graduate student
  • An introduction to the faculty syllabus
  • Sample essays to mark 
  • A small amount of preparatory reading

Graduate students and researcher staff interested in completing PLTO should contact their faculty teaching coordinator.

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