Research Facilitation

Humanities Faculties have developed a broad portfolio of externally funded research supported by UK and international funders, including individual fellowships, research projects, and wider networks or programmes. The Division has developed a strong culture of grant winning among academic colleagues to support their research, and external research funding can provide staff with the time and resources to pursue major new lines of research.  

The Research Facilitation team in the Humanities Division provides dedicated support to academic staff for the identification of research funding opportunities, and the development of their proposals.

For enquiries about research support, please contact one of the following members of the research team (depending on your Faculty):

English, LPP, MML and Music - Peter Barber,

Oriental Studies, Classics, Theology & Religion and Ruskin - Bianca Schlawin,

Philosophy and Rothermere - Ian Lyne,

History - Hollie Press,