Researcher Development Showcase

Graduate Poster Competition

Each year Humanities doctoral students are invited to participate in a poster competition, aimed at showcasing their research. An example of one of these posters is below. For more information click through to the 'Graduate Research Showcase' page.

Katherine Butler, Poster on Digitally Reconstructing Tudor Music Manuscripts

Faculty of Music

Digitally Reconstructing Tudor Music Manuscripts: John Sadler's Partbooks

Katherine Butler

When the Elizabethan gentleman John Sadler sat down to copy his collection of latin sacred songs in c.1566-85, little did he know that he had chosen an overly acidic ink.... Read More

Public Engagement


AHRC-TORCH summer school poster

Two summer schools have been funded by the AHRG-TORCH Graduate Fund.

The aim is to provide participants with the skills and resources to integrate public engagement into their research and to encourage discussion about its value and role in society.

The Summer Schools draw upon the rich and varied experiences of the Oxford academic community.

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The 2015 Summer School consisted of 5 days of skills workshops, lectures, and small group sessions covering the following themes:

  • Public Engagement conceptualization
  • Communication skills
  • Funding
  • Experiential learning

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Lucy Busfield’s paleography project

The first workshop at the Gloucestershire Record Office.

Lucy Busfield (DPhil Theology) pitched a palaeography public engagement project at the 2015 AHRC-TORCH Summer School.

She received funding to organise and run a series of workshops on how to read sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English handwriting. The workshops were held at three county record offices outside Oxford (Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Essex).

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Each year a number of student-led conferences are funded from the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund for Projects. This dovetails with courses and training delivered by the Humanities training team on how to organise a conference.


Towards a Vegan Theory logo

Conference in May 2016:

Towards a Vegan Theory

Building on the increasing prominence of the 'animal turn' in the humanities in the last decade, and the recent publication of Laura Wright's The Vegan Studies Project: Food, Animals, and Gender in an Age of Terror (University of Georgia Press, 2015), this conference sought to ask what kind of place veganism and/or ‘the vegan’ should occupy in our theorizations of human-animal relations, animal studies, and the humanities in general.

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Other recent conferences include:

Blogs and Podcasts

Humanities Logo


This blog is managed by two Humanities doctoral students, who have been appointed to the part-time roles of TORCH Graduate Project Coordinators.

The blog provides information about graduate-led projects in the Humanities at Oxford, funded by the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund.

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Uncommon Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge is a podcast by Emily Dolmans, a doctoral student in English at Exeter College, Oxford, and Rachael White, a doctoral student in Classics at Exeter College, Oxford.

The podcasts are about talks with researchers at the University of Oxford about ‘the interesting things they’ve dug up in the library this week – the stories, facts, anecdotes and bits and pieces that are too good to be buried in a thesis’.

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