Health and Safety

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The Head of Division has overall responsibility for Health and Safety in the Humanities Division. This authority is delegated via the Faculty Board Chair to the Safety Officers appointed in each faculty. It is recommended that Health and Safety is included as a standing item on a Faculty Board Agenda at least once a year. The Divisional Health and Safety Committee is a virtual group. Workshops dedicated to a particular subject are arranged at least twice a year. Everyone with a safety function in faculties is invited to participate. 



The Division employs a part-time Area Safety Officer (Louise Mireh). Louise supports the local Safety Officers in the range of tasks for which they are responsible (e.g. Building, Events and Fire Risk Assessments, Travel, Ruskin School workshop safety, etc), and provides a link between the Division and the central University Safety Office. 



Each faculty, the Ruskin School, and Divisional Office, produces an annual Statement of Safety for submission to the University Safety Office. This document describes the organisation and arrangements for safety within the specified unit and is made available to every individual at their induction.


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