Empowered by scholarship: The Oxford students shaping the future of the humanities

humanities portraits by john cairns 12 10 22 103

Ten talented graduate students whose degrees have been made possible by philanthropy are the stars of a new series from Oxford Humanities.

The series, called ‘Empowered by scholarship’, has been launched today on the Humanities Medium page: www.medium.com/empowered-by-scholarship

The students from across Oxford’s Humanities faculties tell us in their own words about their experiences studying here at Oxford and what they will take from their time here into their future careers and lives. Each student was captured by John Cairns, an Oxford-based photographer.

Their profiles are accompanied by an introduction from Professor Dan Grimley, Head of Humanities at Oxford University. He says: “I hope you enjoy reading about our students’ perspectives on their studies and on life in Oxford. We don’t yet know where they will go after they have finished their studies here and what they will do in their lives. But their thoughtful and powerful articles give me the greatest confidence that they have an exciting future ahead of them.

“And I am certain that just as their lives will be transformed by studying the humanities, so they will go on to transform the world around them. It is the most precious and timely of gifts.”

Photo: Baillie Gifford Scholars, Gonzalo Linares-Matas, Arisa Loomba, Elisa Cozzi, outside the Radcliffe Humanities Building. By John Cairns.