Bullying and Harassment

The Humanities Division seeks to provide a positive and enriching environment for all staff and students, one in which individuals are respected regardless of their background. Complaints of bullying and harassment are taken seriously in faculties, in the Division and in the institution as a whole. These pages provide some guidance if you feel that you, a friend, or a colleague, have experienced bullying or harassment while at the University.

As a Division, we are fully supportive of the University's Policy and Procedure on Harassment, and over 20 staff in the Division are trained harassment advisors. If you have experienced bullying or harassment, a first step might be to contact one of the Advisors below. Advisors are trained to provide advice for both staff and students, and are happy to speak with individuals from any faculty. Students are also encouraged to contact the Student Welfare and Support Service for support.


Other sources of support and advice


Oxford Against Sexual Violence (ox.ac.uk/againstsexualviolence) provides an overview of the University's support and procedures in cases of sexual violence committed by students to students. It also lists external resources that students, and staff, may wish to approach: ox.ac.uk/students/welfare/supportservice?wssl=1. The Student Welfare Support Service has a comprehensive range of support for students: https://www.ox.ac.uk/students/welfare/harassment

For undergraduates, your college welfare team may also be able to provide support and guidance - please refer to your college website, or your welfare officer, for more details.


Staff are encouraged to speak with a harassment advisor, or to contact the harassment line (01865 270760, harassment.line@admin.ox.ac.uk). You are also welcome to contact the Humanities Division's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer (edi@humanities.ox.ac.uk) in confidence, if you have any queries.