Researcher Development and Training


Every year the Humanities training team organises around 200 training courses, workshops and events for doctoral students and postdocs. These courses respond to the skills and professional development needs of doctoral students and postdocs.

Events include:

  • Regular writing initiatives such as Shut Up and Write, writing 'sprints' and bootcamps, and opportunities for peer review
  • Preparing for the DPhil Viva
  • Heritage Pathway
  • Engaging media communications for academics
  • Eloquent Things: teaching using real objects
  • Storytelling for Researchers
  • Podcasting for Public Engagement
  • Introduction to writing for 'The Conversation'

Pathways and Training

Career Confidence

Designed and delivered in partnership with the University of Oxford Careers Service, this pathway provides resources and opportunities tailored to the interests, skills and preferred career destinations of Humanities researchers. Examples of events and initiatives include:

  • Sector-led careers workshops delivered via Heritage Pathway
  • Tailored sessions for Humanities researchers at the annual Careers Conference for Researchers
  • Panel discussions on the value of humanities degrees and research skills to the employment landscape, such as Smart People Work Everywhere
  • 'Talking About Teaching': a workshop on using your teaching experience in academic job applications


Heritage Pathway equips researchers with the skills, knowledge and resources to engage with the arts and heritage sector, whether through research collaborations or as a career path. Three workshops a term cover topics such as:

  • Current issues in arts and heritage
  • Hands-on workshops with heritage organisations such as the National Trust, Heritage Alliance and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Engaging with government policy
  • Sector-led career development sessions

Preparation for Academic Practice

Preparation for Academic Practice is our pathway that supports all aspects of development as a researcher. Events and initiatives in this pathway include:

  • Writing support initiatives (workshops; writing groups)
  • Preparing for the DPhil viva
  • Publisher-led workshops on writing journal articles and preparing book proposals
  • Interdisciplinary Connections: informal networking events to connect researchers working in different faculties and departments


Our teaching pathway is delivered in collaboration with university partners such as the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Ashmolean Museum University Engagement Programme. Events and initiatives include:

  • Eloquent Things: teaching using real objects
  • Talking About Teaching: using your teaching experience in job applications
  • Advancing Teaching and Learning for Humanities and Social Sciences

Public Engagement with Research

Our Public Engagement with Research pathway equips researchers with the skills and knowledge to communicate, collaborate and inspire beyond the academy. Events and initiatives include:

  • Podcasting workshops
  • Storytelling for Researchers
  • Termly workshops on writing for 'The Conversation'
  • Engaging with the Media

Further information

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