Mental Health First Aiders

At the Humanities Division, we believe that it's important to support our staff and students throughout their time with us. In addition to the wide range of support resources available in the collegiate University, we are committed to ensuring that all our staff and students can access a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) if needed.

We know that:

  • one in four people will experience a mental health issue in a given year.
  • nearly half of all working days lost to illness are lost to mental ill health
  • mental ill health - be it stress, anxiety, depression or other issues - is not a sign of weakness

We believe that:

  • we should create an environment where people feel comfortable and confident in disclosing mental ill health, or mental health concerns
  • we should support colleagues who disclose this information to line managers or colleagues
  • the University has good support structures in place, and that the Division should  build on these structures to support colleagues.

We have a cohort of trained Mental Health First Aiders across the Divisional Office and the faculties. These individuals can be approached by anyone in any faculty for a confidential and non-judgemental conversation about mental ill health concerns. You can contact them if you're experiencing a mental health crisis, or if you're worried about a colleague, friend or loved one. This service is free, confidential, and available during working hours.

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Karina Beck

 01865 615264

Hi, I’m Karina, I’m happy to be a listening ear if you need to tell someone how you’ve been feeling. Or even if you’re not sure how you’re feeling or how to express it, and just feel a bit isolated or not yourself at the moment, I’m still happy to chat. More specifically, I have personal experience with OCD, and unfortunately, despite how TV portrays it, this does not mean that I love cleaning the house! I am always willing to chat with anyone who wants to know what it does mean (for me at least), as I think OCD is a bit misunderstood.

Natalie Turner

Natalie has been a part of the University since 2016, joining the Faculty of Philosophy in 2019. She has vast experience in a range of student-related matters, having worked in admissions, the Student Registry and the Philosophy Graduate Office, and is currently supporting staff and Faculty in a range of matters across Philosophy. In her free time she enjoys running, cooking and travelling (not necessarily at the same time!) and likes to spend time with friends or in the great outdoors to maintain good mental health.

Sadie Slater

01865 271096

Laura Spence

01865 615024

Alex Vickers  

Catherine Pillonel

01865 270736

Kate Boyd-Miller

01865 270552

Andy Davice

01865 271930

Emma Harte

01865 276934

Alfie Deere-Hall

01865 281261

Hi, I’m Alfie, a recent graduate working for the English Faculty as Outreach and Admissions Officer.

Personally, I have found that opening up and talking about my depression to be immensely beneficial. While I know the difficulty of doing so, I will listen and let you lead the conversation as much or as little as you desire. I hope to be an approachable and supportive face, especially to students and young professionals. I have become a keen gardener, which offers me an important emotional outlet. Together, we can take the first steps to improving your mental health.

Amy Barker

01865 281149

Hello, my name is Amy, I am a Finance Officer in the Humanities Divisional Shared Service team and currently working in the Faculty of English. In my free time, I enjoy sewing, walking, travelling and going to the cinema.

I have previously worked in high stress environments and I have a lot of personal experience in managing work related stress and pressures at home. I am happy to be contacted for a confidential and non-judgemental conversation about your mental health concerns.

Maria Kouroumali

01865 615356

Richard Carpenter


For support outside working hours, please get in touch with:


  • NHS Direct - call 111
  • Out of hours GP service - call  0845 3458995