From podcasts to virtual readings - new digital content released


Are you stuck at home and looking for something to occupy your weekends or government-approved walks? Or are you disappointed to be missing out on Oxford's regular programme of talks, performances and other events? We may have the solution.

Teams across the Humanities at Oxford are developing and releasing exciting digital content to bring our research directly to you at home.

TORCH Goes Digital is rolling out new content around the themes of AI, technology and the Humanities; Peace and Conflict; the Environmental Humanities; and Medical Humanities. They welcome any and all content submissions related to these themes, such as poems, artworks and blog posts related to the themes. They are also planning live virtual events in a series called 'Big Tent, Big Ideas!'

The research project Creative Multilingualism has a podcast series called LinguaMania. In the series, researchers explore questions about languages including: Do we really need human translators? Would creative language teaching make the subject more popular? Can languages help protect the natural environment? A new podcast will be released every two weeks until June.

The Faculty of Philosophy's Ethics in AI Institute has published podcasts of talks from its first three Ethics in AI seminars. These seminars brought together experts from all academic divisions in Oxford to explain how AI might affect their area. The podcasts have been synchronised with the presenters' PowerPoint slides.

The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics has started a video series called Thinking Out Loud, in which philosophers consider issues raised by the Coronavirus pandemic. The first video, in which Dr Katrien Devolder interviews Australian moral philosopher Professor Peter Singer about the causes of the pandemic, was released last week.