Future of Humanity Institute Scholarship Programme


The Future of Humanity Institute is launching a new scholarship programme for DPhil students starting at the University of Oxford in the 2019-2020 academic year. FHI will be awarding up to 8 scholarships for scholars whose research aims to answer crucial questions for improving the long-term prospects of humanity. Candidates will be considered from a range of disciplines, including computer science, economics, international relations, mathematics, philosophy, and public policy. Successful applicants will be awarded full funding for their DPhil, office space in FHI, and the chance to participate in the Research Scholars Programme as well as other FHI activities.

At the initial stage there is no separate application for the scholarship. Applicants must apply to an Oxford department by the relevant January deadline to be considered for the scholarship.  Once departments have made their offers, FHI will invite recommended candidates to complete a separate application. You can register your interest in the scholarship here.