Leverhulme Doctoral Centre Bid Successful

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The Humanities Division is delighted to announce that its bid for a Leverhulme Doctoral Centre was successful.

The Oxford University Leverhulme Doctoral Centre Publication beyond Print will challenge the dominance of the printed word in the study of human culture and society, by examining other media used before, alongside and after print. It will range across both historical and new digital media. The doctoral projects will concern the modes of publication – from ancient epigraphy to contemporary social media – that are not the products of print technology. It will ask what sorts of textual transmission, public authority and political agency are possible with spoken, handwritten and digital media in which citizens ‘publish’ for themselves. It will ask how past methods of publication without print help us to understand future ones, and how emerging technology helps us to think about cultural history. It will bring students of communication into dialogue across differences of time, language, discipline and technology, from the humanities to social sciences.

Fifteen fully funded Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarships will be available, with the first five shortly to be advertised for entry in October 2018.