Dead as a Dodo? Why Literature Matters in Times of Migration and Unrest

Dodos in the Natural History Museum

For anyone who is interested in how literature preserves knowledge that would otherwise be lost, or is curious to learn how by the use of the un-real we manage to handle reality; anyone who will enjoy seeing Scheherazade being replaced by an utterly useful camel; anyone who never understood (read) Raymond Federman’s pasta-novel, and wants to enjoy a polyglot evening in simple English including a dictionary of travelling words.


This will take place in association with:

Fractured Stories? Narratives of Migration. Roundtable at Ertegun House, University of Oxford, 10am, Saturday 25 February 2017 with Ulrike Draesner (writer; Visiting Fellow, TORCH) Andreas Kossert (Fellow at the Foundation for Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation, Berlin); Katie Brown (Teaching Fellow in Hispanic Studies, Bristol); Mette Louise Berg (Senior Lecturer, Social Sciences, UCL); Geetha Reddy (Psychology, LSE).

See Ertegun website for booking and information.


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