The Lidl German Language and Literature Graduate Scholarships and Student Funding

The University of Oxford is pleased to announce a package of support for students studying German Language and Literature.  This generous gift includes funding for graduate scholarships, undergraduate prizes and year abroad funding.

Lidl is a global supermarket chain with over 10,000 stores worldwide.  In the UK Lidl prides itself in providing its customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. They source locally where possible, and approximately two thirds of their products come from British suppliers. 

As employers, Lidl runs a well-regarded graduate training scheme and, as a company rooted in German value, places an emphasis on its management team speaking German.  For more information about careers and internships please visit here.  

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Lidl Graduate Scholarships

One scholarship will be awarded annually to a student wishing to pursue an MSt in Modern Languages with German as the principal language. Lidl’s commitment will provide financial support to individuals demonstrating exceptional academic merit, but who may otherwise be prevented from taking up the course due to financial circumstances.

Clara Collier, Oxford’s first Lidl Graduate Scholar, says: ‘I am very grateful to Lidl for giving me the opportunity to study at Oxford. Through their generosity, I hope to deepen my knowledge and enrich my contributions to the study of German literature and culture.’

There is no separate application process for a Lidl scholarship, students apply through the normal graduate admissions process and appropriate individuals are selected by the Faculty.

Lidl Undergraduate Year Abroad Funding

A year abroad is a compulsory part of studying Modern Languages at Oxford and is a highlight of the course. So that all students can afford to make the most of their year abroad and enjoy the opportunities afforded to them during this period, Lidl has donated a package of support for students studying German who need financial assistance. Ten bursaries of £1000 each will be offered each year (needs-based) and comes with the opportunity to visit Lidl HQ in Germany.

Funding is available no matter what a student is doing on their year abroad. 

In addition Lidl will be advertising a number of paid internships each year, for any student to apply for on their year abroad.

Oxford-Lidl Prizes

Lidl is also funding a number of undergraduate prizes in German Language and Literature.

  • In a student’s first year of study there will be made available three prizes worth £400 each, for best performances at Prelims for the main course, the beginners’ course and the German sole course.
  • In second and third year there will be four prizes worth £500 to support creative projects to be undertaken alongside the main activities of the year abroad. Successful applicants are required to maintain some sort of record (blog or vlog) of their activities and further prizes of up to an additional £500 will be awarded to the best vlogs or creative outputs from their projects.
  • In final year there will be two prizes of £500 for best performances in Finals (German sole, and German in any other combination).

For more information about the undergraduate prizes and to apply, email

Year Abroad Work Experience Placements

Lidl is offering paid opportunities for students during their year abroad to work in either of the sought-after buying or marketing teams.  If successful you would be embedded and immersed in a company that operates entirely in German.  For more information about the vacancies, please email