Researcher Hub

In April 2021, the University launched the Researcher Hub, in line with our commitments to the Researcher Development Concordat.

The mission of the Researcher Hub is to welcome, support and equip researchers and teaching staff employed by the Collegiate University on fixed term contracts, in ways that will enable them to be and feel their best at Oxford, and to facilitate their chosen next career chapter. The Hub’s work is supported by a network of early career and postdoctoral researchers in the faculties and departments of the Humanities Division. These representatives meet termly with officers of the Humanities Division and the Academic Advocate for Research Staff. Additionally, two nominated researchers represent Humanities interests on the Research Staff Consultation Group, a cross-Divisional forum supporting researcher development activities across the University, including the Researcher Hub. To find out more about this, contact Caroline Thurston, our Researcher Training and Development Manager:

The Concordat seeks to create the healthy and supportive culture needed to ensure our researchers are given every opportunity to thrive and realise their potential in the increasingly diverse, mobile and global environment in which we work.

2021-22 faculty research staff representatives

The Division aims for every faculty to have both an researcher representative (drawn from the research staff community) and an Researcher Champion (drawn from the permanent academic staff). In 2021-22, Stephen Tuck became the Division's first Academic Advocate for Researchers.


Researcher Representative 

Researcher Champion 



Ofra Magidor (Research Director)


Daniel Sawyer 

Helen Small



Fiona Macintosh 


Ruggero Sciuto

Andrew Kahn (Research Director)


Emanuela Vai

Karl Kügle (Research Director)


Hilary Wynne 

Martin Maiden (Research Director)


Giulia Smith 

Samson Kambalu (Research Director)


Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci

Julia Smith

Oriental Studies 

Alena Kulinich 

Henrietta Harrison (Research Director)



Bill Wood