Parents and carers

The University recognises that caring is an important role, and seeks to support staff with caring responsibilities wherever possible. Caring responsibilities can affect us all, may arise without warning, and may be temporary, long-term or permanent. You may have caring responsibilities for relatives, or friends, or family overseas. If you are a carer, or know someone who is, you may find the following links of use.

The Parents and Carers webpage offers more information on the range of support initiatives which seek to enable you to maintain a positive work-life balance at all stages of your life. The University's support for carers has been updated and broadened in response to the changing patterns of care.

Work + Family (My Family Care) is a benefit the University provides for all employees, offering access to emergency back-up childcare and adultcare, a 'speak to an expert' phone line and a wide range of guides and webinars through a website called the Work + Family space. Access is free, but you will need to meet the costs of any care that you book.

Our parental leave policy is amongst the most generous in the UK Higher Education sector.

The University's Childcare Services unit has a range of childcare support options, offering high quality childcare at affordable prices.