Staff wellbeing

Our staff, academics, researchers, language instructors and professional administrators, come from all walks of life and experiences. As a Division, we're committed to supporting them through their period of employment, through ill health, caring responsibilities and the pressures of work.


There are dedicated webpages for parents and carers on the main University site. Our parental leave offer is the best in the UK Higher Education sector, and we have policies in place to help parents before and after the birth or adoption of children. We also recognise that caring takes many forms, and, whether caring for children or adults there is support and advice available for staff on these pages.

The University's Occupational Health Services team provides independent advice to employers and employees concerning the relationship between health and work, and the effects one has on the other.

As a Division, we are fully supportive of the University's Policy and Procedure on Harassment, and over 20 staff in the Divisoin are trained harassment advisors.

Faculty Harassment Advisors
Constanze Guthenke
Jonathan Prag
Hannah Sullivan
David Dwan
Sloan Mahone
Matthew Grimley
History of Art
Geraldine Johnson
Dan Holloway
John Coleman
Modern Languages
Almut Suerbaum
Jonathan Thacker
Emma Jones
Oriental Studies
James Benson
Emma Harte
Hilla Wait
Alex Kaiserman
Ruskin School of Art
Daria Martin
Malcolm Bull
Theology and Religion
Justin Jones
Humanities Divisional Office
Julia Marshall
Padraig O'Connor


If you have experienced, or witnessed, bullying or harassment, you may find the Harassment Advice pages useful when thinking about your next steps. The Humanities Division's Equality and Diversity Officer, Isabelle Pitt, is available for confidential and impartial advice.

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