TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

TORCH is a research centre based in the Humanities, facilitating, supporting and promoting high quality interdisciplinary research. TORCH encourages research across all disciplines and are open to collaborating as widely as possible.

During 2015-16, TORCH hosted almost 400 events, involving over 13,000 people, supported 400 affiliated researchers, Knowledge Exchange and Early Career Fellows, 21 networks and 10 programmes. Since 2013, TORCH has raised over £1.6 million in grants and philanthropy to develop research projects across the humanities. The latest grant is the Andrew W Mellon Foundation for a programme on Diversity and the Curriculum.

TORCH hosted a range of interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with all 10 humanities faculties and units, departments in the sciences, Oxford’s museums and libraries, and, externally, with local, regional and national cultural organisations.

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