The Humanities Divisional Board and its committees play an important part in the formal governance structure of the University. To ensure appropriate contributions and involvement of faculties in the governance process, all Divisional committees have key representatives from faculties. The Divisional Board is chaired by the Head of Division, and membership includes the Division’s Associate Heads and Faculty Board Chairs.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

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  • Working with faculties to set the strategic direction for the Division, and developing a strategic plan
  • Reviewing and agreeing annual budget targets and financial forecasts
  • Establishing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets
  • Reviewing and agreeing faculties’ recommendations regarding student intake targets and proposed tuition fees



  • Considering and providing Divisional approval for capital projects
  • Considering requests for space from faculties and providing Divisional approval



  • overseeing the organisation, development, and delivery of undergraduate and graduate curricula by faculties, in collaboration with colleges
  • providing Divisional approval for curriculum changes and new courses, prior to submission to central University committees
  • maintaining the educational quality and standards in the broad subject area of Humanities
  • considering examiners’ reports
  • undertaking 6-yearly reviews of faculties, jointly with the University’s Education Committee



overseeing and developing the general context of research, for example by providing advice and support for securing research grant income, and preparing for exercises such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF).



  • considering and approving requests from faculties to fill vacant posts or create new posts
  • approving appointments and reappointments of academic staff made by faculties (but excluding appointments which are made by electoral boards established by statute or regulation)
  • approving reports relating to the progress of Associate Professors during their initial period of office
  • approval of appointment of Faculty Board Chairs



oversight of fundraising in the broad subject area, subject to overall university policies and practice


The terms of reference, powers, and duties of each divisional board is assigned by the University’s Council.

The regulations for Divisional Boards that form part of the University’s regulations. 

Key committees of the Humanities Divisional Board

  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Undergraduate Studies Committee
  • Education Development Panel
  • Planning and Resources Committee
    • IT Forum
    • Personnel Panel
  • Research Committee

Further Information

Information for Humanities Board and committee members is available on SharePoint.