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Oxford is one of the world's great centres for philosophy. There are over 50 full-time permanent members of the Faculty of Philosophy, each with a college Fellowship, together with a still larger number of associate members, between them covering a vast range of subjects within philosophy.

Many are international leaders in their fields. The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the largest departments of philosophy in the world, and is widely recognized to be amongst the best.

Teaching and Research Showcase

Podcast: Metaphor, Philosophical Issues


Lecture series introducing some of the main debates about metaphor in contemporary aesthetics and philosophy of language. No background in either philosophy of language or aesthetics is required. Questions considered include: Are there some thoughts that can only be expressed in metaphor? Why do we speak metaphorically, especially in describing how things look, sound, taste and smell? How do metaphors get the special meaning or content they have? And do metaphors have a non-literal meaning or content at all?

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Publication: Professor Elizabeth Fricker, ‘Unreliable Testimony’, in Alvin Goldman and his Critics. Brian McLaughlin and Hilary Kornblith (eds.). Blackwell (2014)

Goldman and his critics

Goldman and His Critics presents a series of original essays contributed by influential philosophers who critically examine Alvin Goldman s work, followed by Goldman s responses to each essay. 

  • Critiques Alvin Goldmans groundbreaking theories, writings, and ideas on a range of philosophical topics
  • Features contributions from some of the most important and influential contemporary philosophers
  • Covers Goldmans views on epistemology both individual and social in addition to cognitive science and metaphysics
  • Pays special attention to Goldmans writings on philosophy of mind, including the evolution of his thoughts on Simulation–Theory (ST)

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Research Project: The Metaphysics of Entanglement


This is a multidisciplinary research Project investigating the viability of power ontology as a metaphysics that can provide a fresh approach to our philosophical understanding of the phenomena of entanglement and superposition. 

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